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Friday, April 15, 2011


prompt: "profile"

She says she a Gemini,
Like that sums her up.
As if she were inter-
Changeable with the
Thousands of others
Born under that
Sign. She might have
Said: she’s a natural

Communicator, who loves to
Learn, or intelligent and
Witty, restless and
Occasionally fickle,
Charming, adaptable,
Lighthearted, flirtatious,
Who’s favorite colors are
Colors of the air, sky blue and
Yellow, carefree and interested in

Everything; A feminine
Hermes, quick-witted and
Inventive, but bored easily.
No, she’s just a Gemini.


  1. This doesn't sound like you at all... :)

    I had to look up Hermes... entertaining. Well done, Moskowitz

  2. Thanks Mosk! I couldn't decided between using Hermes or Mercury, but I didn't want people thinking of the planet and not the god, so...Hermes won.

    BTW, I always look forward to your comments!:)

  3. I thought you meant the Hermes the designer (!) as in :) Either way, I think it still was apropos!

  4. I love this Nikki!!! Are you actually a Gemini or were you talking about someone else?


  5. I'm a proud Gemini :) I've actually had people say to me, "You're a gemini, aren't you?" lol