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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Last

April 11th

“The Last Supper Reaction”

Generated from the words of Scripture,
the mind of da Vinci,
and the pockets of Sforza,
On a back wall in Milan, where
In the mystical Upper Room,
Jesus and Judas unknowingly reach
for the same loaf and the same doom.

Bartholomew, James the Just, and the fisherman Andrew-
eyebrows raised in their surprise.
The old man holds up his hands as if he can stop
the words assaulting his ears, as the violent knife
foretells his fate.

Clustered with the swooning John,
the ever-angry Peter,
no longer walking on water, his gestures heated.
Shadowed away in greens and blues, Iscariot
clutches his bag of coins,
the only elbow on the table.

Turned toward their inspiration,
a stunned James with arms outspread,
disturbed and doubting Thomas pleads with the man,
while Phillip demands answers.

The beardless taxman Matthew and Jude Thaddeus turn
to Simon the Zealot to satisfy their questions.

The trinity expressed
in three groups,
three men,
three windows,
the three sides of the messiah.

From right to left
the positions of hands and loaves of bread,
musical staffs executing
a song of history and myth.

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