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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


April 5th

“Everything You Probably Didn’t Want to Know”

A deep and abiding love
of Chinese. Secretly like
to have my photo taken.
Do ballet moves when no one is looking.
Sing karaoke. Like
my big dark eyes
even if blue and green are
“prettier.” Love
shoes, but usually
Go barefoot. Collect
Spoons and Jones’ soda lids.
Texas Hold’em is my game.
Scared of the dark…still.
Voted most flirtatious in
High school. 40D.
Certified in ballroom dance
Instruction and performance. Don’t
Kill things, even bugs.
Dill pickles are a food group.
Avoid making eye contact with
Myself in mirrors. Few things
Animate me like a literary debate.
Hate liars. 5ft4
Cannot lie to save my soul.
Earned 1st red card in
My college’s soccer team’s history.
Believe in ghosts.
Secretly wish
Life was as exciting as
I thought it would be when I was 16.
When in WV I am from TX,
When in TX I am West Virginian.
My biggest wish is
That my life was full of
Witty banter and classic one-liners.

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