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Friday, April 1, 2011


One more year edging us closer to the brink of destruction as Christmas melted into New Year’s Day and Janus did the whole look forward look backward thing and some people got the day off for MLK Monday. (I didn’t…)

January bled into self-important February, all puffed up with too much commotion for a measly 28 days. We played along and wondered what the groundhog would see, bought our chocolate and flowers and put out on 14th, hell, we even squeezed in Candlemas somewhere along the way…

Nothing special about March, the slacker, unless you count Johnny Appleeed Day (which no one above the age of 7 does.) Though St Patrick’s day brought out the Irish in in all of us with green things, pinching, and generally widespread alcoholism and poor decision making…

And so we’re up to April; a silly little month of fools, bunnies, eggs, and wanna-be poets brushing elbows with the truly talented (guilty…)

"Taken by the River"


Skipping rocks and
Daydreaming from shore,
Miles upstream from
Where I should be;
Marooned by uncertainties,
Rapids and waterfalls.

A step into the shallows; the
Current pushes me back.

I let it.

Two steps.
I let it.

Three steps.

Will the water take me?