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Friday, April 4, 2014

Skyclad Sinner

Since the rain had stayed away too long and the town’s prayers
All gone unanswered, even despite the faded billboard signs of
“Sinners repent and pray for rain”

A sinner herself, or so she’d been told, she took to the night,
Feet stomping circles, puffs of dust from her soles
Dancing along in the moonlight.

Round, round she twirled, her heart on her sleeve with
Dark eyes raised, she watched for the clouds
She knew would soon gather.

prompt: since ____

For Better or for Worse

Separating peel and
Flesh in one long strand of
Dappled apple red

Cast on the floor, it speaks-
Of Daniels, Georges, Peters, and Samuels
Jameses and Olivers ripe for the picking.

Rarer are the Victors, the
Williams and Thomases.

 And Xerxes is right out.

But all end up with a woman,
Handy with a knife and
Wanting wed.

Prompt: message