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Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Full House Funeral"

"reveal something"

I want to end it all
As the kind of person that
Fills the funeral home to
Standing room only with

Maybe a line stretching
Out into the street and
Snaking around the corner.
No one reading my death
Notice will say “Oh, that’s too
Bad.” like it could have been

Anyone else’s heart that had
Stopped beating and they just
Heard the News. I want tears, break-
Downs, empty boxes of tissues.

From my coffin, I don’t want to
Hear the time filled up by
Rehashed sermons and
People reassuring one another

That I’m in a better place, I
Want people lining up to tell
Stories of my kindness and
Then to realize that they also

Want a funeral with a full
Parking lot and front page
Spread in the hometown
Newspaper and go out and
Live their lives to make it happen.