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Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Up to Somewhere"

prompt: "after leaving here"

She still had half a mind that the
World was really flat and
Feared coming to a corner and
Spilling down the other side.

So she busted up the
Foundation, bought every
Balloon in town and
Tied them to the roof.

She fixed the blue and red, and
Yellow ones to each shingle,
Lined the gutters with the shiny
Silver ones that remarked upon
New babies, birthdays, and weddings,
Because it was more feng shui.

She said she couldn’t stay here
Any more, but still owed too
Much on the house, so
She’d just float it
Someplace else, letting the
Helium out bit by bit
Until she touched down
Someplace she could be herself.

Friday, April 29, 2011

"Traditional English Ode to Verse"

prompt: "ode"

Consider the potential of poetry
To free men’s probing minds,
To spill their hearts so totally.
The power of the verse reminds
That the stringing of mere syllables
Can transform lowly language
Into something greater than itself.
I equate it to a miracle
That despite time’s passage
Poetry can give such a true sense of self.

“Backyard Ode”

prompt: "ode"

A fenced in
Paradise full of
Flower beds
And shade trees,
Grills, swimming pools, tricycles,
Tree houses, Soccer
Balls, swing sets, hammocks.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

“Missing Keyholes”

prompt: "a world without something"

Some doors forever locked,
Some forever open.

Keys pile up in
Dejected mountains
Inadequate, bleak.
There’s nothing for the
Nosy to listen at now and the
Landfills won’t take any more,

So the people hang them from
Windchimes or toss them in the
Ocean, the water rising
Key by key until
Only the mountains remain,
Serenaded by the clinking of
Keys in the wind.

“Starless Shadorma”

prompt: "a world without something"

Nothing to
Wish on or compare
Lover’s eyes.
World without
Constellations, direction.
Just a lonely moon.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"In the Heart of a Have"

prompt: "in the ____ of _____"

She circles the
Block looking to
Find the dusty
Man with the cardboard

“I’m hungry.”

The bag of fast food
Grows colder til at
Last she just drives
Home, slowing at
Each intersection,
Hoping to see the
Dusty back of the

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

“A Discourse in Waltz”

prompt: "leader/follower"

Leather soles whisper
On polished wooden floors.
Light bounces from sequin
To sequin speckling crisp
Shirts with colored flecks.

A firm hand at the
Small of the back,

A silent language
All its own.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Falling Trees & Talking Men

prompt: "falling"

The crack of
Branches, the
Crash of wood, the
Whoosh of flying limbs.

Not a soul
Around to hear.

Did it really
Make a sound?

He talks out loud in
Vowels and constants,
Stringing together
Syllables and

Not a soul is
Around to hear.

Is he still wrong?

BIRTH: Aislin Victoria Markle

BIRTH: Aislin Victoria Markle

Sunday, April 24, 2011

“A Housewife’s Prayer”

prompt: "prayer"

If I don’t wake up tomorrow, I pray
Someone will pet my cats, read my
Children bedtime stories and be
Sure they take their naps.

I pray someone will feed my
Husband and help him match his
Socks, to remember Daylight
Savings Time and spring
Forward all the clocks.

I pray someone will make the
Beds and help lost shoes get found.
It seems I have a lot of things to do,
So I best just stick around.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

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Friday, April 22, 2011

“Barefoot on Gravel”

prompt: "only one in the world"

She said she liked the
Way the rocks felt, the
Sharp ones biting
Into her heels, the

Chips in her toenails a
Constant reminder that
She’d walked away
From the only one she’d

Willingly walk barefoot on
Gravel to get back to.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

“The English Major”

prompt: "on second thought"

She majored in English,
Studying Chaucer and
Breaking down Yeats.
Surrounding herself with
Words, words, words-
Hers and everyone else’s.

Perhaps she should have
Majored in something more
Useful like “World Peace” or
“Apocalypse Evasion”?

I guess she’ll just
Have to make do with those
Words, words, words-
Hers and everyone else’s.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

“Message in a Bottle”

prompt: "message in a bottle"

Waxy blue crayon
Jotted on the
Back of a Chinese
Take-out menu,
Mad scribbles
Among the red
Dragons and golden
Coins, “The
World has ended.
Don’t bother coming home”

Monday, April 18, 2011

“Like a Playground Slide in the Summer Sun”

prompt: "like ____"

I have good memories of
You, and you look
Like you’d still be fun.

You make yourself so
Easy to get to; you
Practically have a
Handrail and skid-proof steps.

But once I’m at the
Top, I’ll see all that
Shiny metal that attracted me
Will just get me burnt in the end.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

“Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner”

prompt: "big picture"

She hits up the vending
Machine to start the work day,
Knowing that this is the most
Important meal and
Having heard somewhere that
Food tastes better when it
Falls from a height.

She chooses a salad with
Bits of bacon scattered
Among the lettuce,
Picking out the cucumbers and
Tomatoes, with buttermilk
Dressing on the side.

She orders a diet Coke with her
Quarter Pounder and only
Eats the fries that
Fall out in the bag
Patting herself on the
Back for showing such restraint.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

“Frame by Frame”

prompt: "snapshot"

They make due
With a condensed
Version of
Childhood, seeing the

Highlights, the
Calculated shots, with
Santa Claus and birthday
Cakes, and the faces
Made at the first taste of

Cereal. Never the
Everyday things, the
Bottles, the bath times.

They watch their child’s
Children grow up with each
Flash of the
Camera and with every
Envelope of
Photos that makes its
Way across the miles;

Remembering how it was to
Watch a child
Blossom in real
Time and then
Fill in the blanks.

Friday, April 15, 2011


prompt: "profile"

She says she a Gemini,
Like that sums her up.
As if she were inter-
Changeable with the
Thousands of others
Born under that
Sign. She might have
Said: she’s a natural

Communicator, who loves to
Learn, or intelligent and
Witty, restless and
Occasionally fickle,
Charming, adaptable,
Lighthearted, flirtatious,
Who’s favorite colors are
Colors of the air, sky blue and
Yellow, carefree and interested in

Everything; A feminine
Hermes, quick-witted and
Inventive, but bored easily.
No, she’s just a Gemini.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Under Cover"

prompt : "ain't none of your business"

Trade-size paperbacks,

Broken spine
Nestled into a blue leather

Hiding the
Bareness of the
Cover and the

Trickling from the

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

“Childhood Friends, Grown Up”

prompt: "old relationship"

Nine years to her eight, a
Block away in a house that
Always smelled of black cherry
Kool-aid, and stay-at-home mom,

I saw her washing a dusty
Volkswagon with paper towels,
Trying to convince her dad
It was clean enough to go
Get pizza. A little girl

Who couldn’t pretend and
Another who ignored reality,
Filling in the days with bike
Rides and board games. Twenty

Years later, we never fail to
Send a birthday card, even though
When we run into each other at the
Grocery store, neither knows what to say.


prompt: "old relationship"

Homeless, she kept a small
Apartment downtown, her hair wild,
Eyes intelligent. We’d
Talk in the back room of the
Public library where she’d
Hand out Claddagh pins and sixty
Year old memories in the reference
Section. She was going to
Write a book; I wonder if she ever did.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

e.e. & me...

prompt: "form/anti-form"

punct.u.a.tion is
all its own; words

lessly formed

drop on the
page-- Images… Imagines… Imaginations
laced with



Rhymes and often-sometimes-maybe emjamb-


Monday, April 11, 2011

"Maybe You’ll Follow"

prompt: "maybe ___"

I leave a trail of
Bobby pins
Wherever I go,

Plucking them
Out when I turn a
Scattering them at
Intersections. Hair

Tumbling down, bit by
Bit, hoping you can
See my path in the

Sunday, April 10, 2011

“Missing Slivers”

prompt: "never again"

Suspicion heralds late
Arrivals, wrong
Stored in the
Back of the mind,

Just in case.

Just friends
Reconsidered, excuses


Pieced back
Together will
Never be whole

Matter how
Long the glue

Saturday, April 9, 2011

“12:00, Flashing”

prompt: "time of day"

Blinking green numbers
Announce to all the
Coffee maker is back on
Line and the
Microwave is good to go,
But it seems as though I’ve

Misplaced the morning or
Maybe the sun is
Shining at midnight.
Or is 12:00 the

Alpha and omega of the
Clock world, a
Place to retreat and
Regroup when you’ve lost
Power and just aren’t
Sure of where you’re
Supposed to be?

“Beer Thirty”

prompt: "time of day"
Steeled toed boots
Kicked off by the door
Pepper the
Floor with flakes of
Mud. Worn jeans,

Once-white socks, a
Flannel shirt with loose
Buttons leave a
Trail like

Breadcrumbs to the
Chair where a callused
Hand pulls the
Tab and marks the
End of the work day.

Friday, April 8, 2011

“She Browses the Celebrations Page of the Hometown Newspaper”

prompt: "celebrations"

Hovers over the
Pictures, a

Tuxedoed man and the
Bright white of a
Wedding gown on a
Woman that
Isn’t her, an

Newborn it’s
Statistics listed in
Italics beneath, a

Tiny life that was
Half hers.

“Celebrating Spring”

prompt: "celebration"
Returning birds
Pipe their
Approval as
Unfurl and
Shake off
Soil, bursting

Thursday, April 7, 2011

“What If the Bathtub Floods the World & Drags Humanity Down the Drain”

Prompt: "what if"

Trickling from the
Not too hot and
Not too

Rising up the
Porcelain wall and
Streaming over to
Rush down the other

Across the
Filling the
Floor like a
Pool at high

On and

Attracting droplets,

Perching on
Rooftops or

Clinging to
Ornately carved

Churning the lukewarm
Fusing together,

Lungs sucking in
Gills forming along


Swims down to
Pull the small rubber

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

“Don’t Fret, Pogo”

Prompt: don't ___, ____

can’t be
sad on a pogo

something about the
up and
motion reverses
despondency. You

look like a
hair flying
madly and

eventually your
feet will
slip from the
pegs and you’ll have to
back to earth and


that feeling of freedom
gravity and
will remain.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

“Mr. Fitzhurbert’s Funeral”

Prompt: goofy/serious

Roses and carnations scent the air as Candlelight caresses black and white Photographs like a long-lost loved one.

Handkerchiefs dab at eyes, Sniffles muffled, all eyes look toward the satin-lined box and the old man peacefully resting there.

In the back row, the woman sits, her Little black dress made respectable By the shawl wrapped around her shoulders.

She buries her face in the dark fabric, Shoulders quivering, chest heaving, her Sobs barely contained.

An elderly lady to her left Pats her knee kindly, but like a sadistic broken Record in her Mind, all she can hear is a Faux British accent.


Monday, April 4, 2011


Prompt: a person

He tows his coffin through the
Streets balanced on a rusty
Radio Flyer

Hewn from cypress and pine from the
Ark and assuring his entry into

Held together by nails of the
Cross that came from
Home Depot.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

“An Unread Book by the Bed”

Prompt: the world without you

The little boy would say “Where’s Mommy?” and
forget again until his milk cup was empty.

The man would say “Now who will find my socks? and
busy himself at work, never remembering to eat breakfast.

The baby girl would cry to be held, growing up being
told she looks just like her, but never really knowing.

The unread book would sit next to the bed, a slip of paper
chronicling where the adventure ended, keeping it’s
Happily Ever After all to itself.

“The Death of the U.S. Postal Service”

Prompt: imagine the world without you

Stamps pile up
Unlicked, pen pals
Never penned,

Just Because
Cards not sent, Publisher’s
Clearing House envelopes never
Sealed with fingers

Crossed, college brochures,
Magazines, clothing
Catalogs never mailed, a

Jewish Mailman never got a
Christmas Present, or
Gave one in return.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dear Mr. Woodpecker

Prompt: postcard poem

Dear Mr. Woodpecker,
It's 6 am.
My house is metal.
You are a moron.
Feel free to get eaten by my cats.
Love, Nikki


Prompt: postcard

Nestled in bed,
side by side,
family of dolls,
waiting to be restacked.

Friday, April 1, 2011


One more year edging us closer to the brink of destruction as Christmas melted into New Year’s Day and Janus did the whole look forward look backward thing and some people got the day off for MLK Monday. (I didn’t…)

January bled into self-important February, all puffed up with too much commotion for a measly 28 days. We played along and wondered what the groundhog would see, bought our chocolate and flowers and put out on 14th, hell, we even squeezed in Candlemas somewhere along the way…

Nothing special about March, the slacker, unless you count Johnny Appleeed Day (which no one above the age of 7 does.) Though St Patrick’s day brought out the Irish in in all of us with green things, pinching, and generally widespread alcoholism and poor decision making…

And so we’re up to April; a silly little month of fools, bunnies, eggs, and wanna-be poets brushing elbows with the truly talented (guilty…)

"Taken by the River"


Skipping rocks and
Daydreaming from shore,
Miles upstream from
Where I should be;
Marooned by uncertainties,
Rapids and waterfalls.

A step into the shallows; the
Current pushes me back.

I let it.

Two steps.
I let it.

Three steps.

Will the water take me?