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Sunday, April 3, 2011

“An Unread Book by the Bed”

Prompt: the world without you

The little boy would say “Where’s Mommy?” and
forget again until his milk cup was empty.

The man would say “Now who will find my socks? and
busy himself at work, never remembering to eat breakfast.

The baby girl would cry to be held, growing up being
told she looks just like her, but never really knowing.

The unread book would sit next to the bed, a slip of paper
chronicling where the adventure ended, keeping it’s
Happily Ever After all to itself.

“The Death of the U.S. Postal Service”

Prompt: imagine the world without you

Stamps pile up
Unlicked, pen pals
Never penned,

Just Because
Cards not sent, Publisher’s
Clearing House envelopes never
Sealed with fingers

Crossed, college brochures,
Magazines, clothing
Catalogs never mailed, a

Jewish Mailman never got a
Christmas Present, or
Gave one in return.