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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

“Everyday Magic”

PA- "when you're not looking"

The drone of the vacuum
Smothers all other sounds,
Its pull and push painting
Pyramids on the deep green

On a handmade blanket, a
Little one balancing on her
Belly, head wobbling on a
Fragile neck, polka-dotted
Diapered bottom wiggling.

Pulling out chairs and
Maneuvering around end
Tables, a milestone is crossed. A
Helpless baby a little less
Helpless as she rests on her
Back, legs kicking, giggling at the
Antics of the ceiling fan.

Right in the middle of the
Everyday living, a little bit of
Magic pokes in; until one day the
Vacuum is switched off and
You’re surprised to find
She’s all grown up.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

“June on the River”

prompt: water   

Old tennis shoes
Scruff up dust on a
Country road and matte
Back inner tubes float
Along a lazy river,
Hovering over hopeful
Fishing hooks.

As the sun sets, and the
World’s lit up only by
Starlight, fireflies, and
Campfires, laughter
Floats through the
Darkness and soothing
Breezes carry a whiff of
Burnt marshmallows.

And in the night, the
Crickets croon and
Rain tings and chinks on the
Old tin roof. And it’s

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


prompt: "on the other hand"

She’s the kind of person

Who doesn’t think
Twice about dropping

All the coins in her
Pockets into the jingling
Cups of the homeless,
Takes in strays and
Gives them silly names, and
Never forgets her grandmother’s
Birthday. At the checkout,

She offers to pay for the
Items the family with the sad-
Eyed little girl can’t afford,
Lets people out in traffic, and
Sends notebooks, pens, and
Crayons to the troops in the
Hope that they can help spread

Kindness before the children are
Taught to hate. She mails
Big Red soda to the troops from
Texas, because she knows
What its like to be far away and
Crave the comforts of home.
She doesn’t expect a reward

And yet

Shouldn’t the Universe
Protect her from the her
Opposite? Shouldn’t their
Natures would be so
Disparate that they wouldn’t
Even be aware of the other’s

There are only so many
Cheeks to turn, so

She shakes her head and
Writes a poem and dreams of
Surrounding herself with
Only with the kind ones.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


See the way the world still turns
Even though you’d thought it’d stop?
Every day the holes in your pockets
Drop the seeds that grow into tomorrow.

Poetic Bloomings - "seed"