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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


prompt: "on the other hand"

She’s the kind of person

Who doesn’t think
Twice about dropping

All the coins in her
Pockets into the jingling
Cups of the homeless,
Takes in strays and
Gives them silly names, and
Never forgets her grandmother’s
Birthday. At the checkout,

She offers to pay for the
Items the family with the sad-
Eyed little girl can’t afford,
Lets people out in traffic, and
Sends notebooks, pens, and
Crayons to the troops in the
Hope that they can help spread

Kindness before the children are
Taught to hate. She mails
Big Red soda to the troops from
Texas, because she knows
What its like to be far away and
Crave the comforts of home.
She doesn’t expect a reward

And yet

Shouldn’t the Universe
Protect her from the her
Opposite? Shouldn’t their
Natures would be so
Disparate that they wouldn’t
Even be aware of the other’s

There are only so many
Cheeks to turn, so

She shakes her head and
Writes a poem and dreams of
Surrounding herself with
Only with the kind ones.


  1. Wow. Awesome, Nikki. And I get it. Completely.

  2. Yes, "strangers in the world" craving home, turning cheeks as we go, walking with friends in poems seems a way, even if temporarily, to be disparate and one with the Universe.

    Nice Nikki.