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Thursday, April 12, 2018



I'm sorry that I didn't write.
My soul is just too raw & the
Thoughts dredged up
Wound me all over &
Poetry is the salt
Grinding itself into them,
Making them real, reminding
Me, digging into layers of
Flesh barely scabbed over as I
Drop words on the page drop by
Bloody, salty drop.

Writer's Digest Poetic Asides PAD12 -LAMENT

Thursday, October 23, 2014


This dry spell had stayed around too long,
Despite the faded billboard signs of
Sinners Repent and Pray for Rain.
Still not a drop dropped into sight.

A sinner herself, or so they said,
Even with all her efforts to belong.
She lit her candles, murmured her own prayers,
And waited for the promise of night.

Deep in the woods, in her domain,
Black cloak revealed pale, skyclad skin.
Likeminded trees looked on with arms outstretched,
Watching her dance in the soft moonlight.
The sky grew cloudy; the wind grew strong.
Wildly spun every weather vane.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Skyclad Sinner

Since the rain had stayed away too long and the town’s prayers
All gone unanswered, even despite the faded billboard signs of
“Sinners repent and pray for rain”

A sinner herself, or so she’d been told, she took to the night,
Feet stomping circles, puffs of dust from her soles
Dancing along in the moonlight.

Round, round she twirled, her heart on her sleeve with
Dark eyes raised, she watched for the clouds
She knew would soon gather.

prompt: since ____

For Better or for Worse

Separating peel and
Flesh in one long strand of
Dappled apple red

Cast on the floor, it speaks-
Of Daniels, Georges, Peters, and Samuels
Jameses and Olivers ripe for the picking.

Rarer are the Victors, the
Williams and Thomases.

 And Xerxes is right out.

But all end up with a woman,
Handy with a knife and
Wanting wed.

Prompt: message

Thursday, April 4, 2013

"By Moonlight"

“By Moonlight”

We’re all mysterious
By moonlight, so hush
Now and sleep so I can
Watch you. 

I love the way your eyelashes
Flutter against your cheek,
Eyes dancing behind eyelids
Caked in mocha shadow and the 
Smeared eyeliner you 
Forgot to wash off again. 

I’d like to think that you’re
Dreaming of me, but you don’t
Even know I’m here.

bright/dark                            4/2/13



I’ll add it to the tally of
Things to do someday,
Scratch it at the bottom of a
List that stretches like adding

Machine tape as far as the
Eye can see - up one
Hill and down the other, a
Great Wall of China (certainly
On the list somewhere, probably
Somewhere after “learn to tie shoes” but
Before “age gracefully”) of somedays.

So if you’d like to wish me well,
Wish me a life long enough to live my list.

(tentative)                      4/3/13

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

“Patient as the Post”

You get your mail here, but you’re usually just visiting.
I figure you have faded jeans and over-bleached socks
Spread over hundreds of miles by now. 

Envelopes pile up in neat rectangular rows,
Waiting patiently, more patiently than me really,
For you to stop being wherever you are and be here again.

prompt: visitor

Sunday, April 1, 2012

“Venus & Mars”

She was from Venus;
He was from some other place.
She asked questions and prompted responses. 
He stuck to the basics and issued orders.

“It’s getting cool outside, right? Should you maybe take a coat, you think?”
“It’s cold. Take a coat.”


Saturday, December 17, 2011


Great news!  Three of my poems can be found in a fabulous collection of 140 poems by 40 poets scattered across the globe!  Profits are being donated to LitWorld, a charity promoting literacy worldwide.

 It can be found at Amazon  & Barnes & Noble.