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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Great news!  Three of my poems can be found in a fabulous collection of 140 poems by 40 poets scattered across the globe!  Profits are being donated to LitWorld, a charity promoting literacy worldwide.

 It can be found at Amazon  & Barnes & Noble.


  1. I'll buy one! Some of my favorite writers are in there! Happy holidays, moskowitz

  2. Wanna wiseabove
    the horizontal
    into the eternal?
    Wanna find-out how to
    achieve eternity Upstairs
    where we could RITE
    101+ centillionza novels
    discussing our beautiFULL,
    incomparable, exeptional destinies??
    Just us?
    In a library?
    For yeeers?
    Going swimming?
    Rock climbing?
    Biking? White-water-rafting?
    Flying... and flying without aircraft?
    Wont that be an exuberant eternity?
    Join me Upstairs someday, ms. babe...