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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

“Everyday Magic”

PA- "when you're not looking"

The drone of the vacuum
Smothers all other sounds,
Its pull and push painting
Pyramids on the deep green

On a handmade blanket, a
Little one balancing on her
Belly, head wobbling on a
Fragile neck, polka-dotted
Diapered bottom wiggling.

Pulling out chairs and
Maneuvering around end
Tables, a milestone is crossed. A
Helpless baby a little less
Helpless as she rests on her
Back, legs kicking, giggling at the
Antics of the ceiling fan.

Right in the middle of the
Everyday living, a little bit of
Magic pokes in; until one day the
Vacuum is switched off and
You’re surprised to find
She’s all grown up.


  1. Ah, cherish these times, as it is true - in the blink of an eye, she's all grown up.

    Good writing, as usual. :)


  2. "A Helpless baby a little less" - lovely.

    I like the way you see yourself in your baby and let your Pa know.