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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"To Swim Out to Touch the Skyline or Just Stay Here & Look.”

He stood, regarding the
Horizon as the ocean
Ate the sand from
Around his feet, sinking him

Deeper and deeper and
Deeper; the earth’s molten
Core warming his soles.
Should he shed his shirt and
Jeans like a snake wiggling
Between two rocks, leaving
Only the old shell of it’s

Former self, and dive in towards the
Sunset? Sharks might nibble at his
Elbows; Whales could sing him to sleep.

Swimming, floating, bobbing
Along, the salty water of sweat and
Tears would mix with the sea,

Maybe the level would rise and rise,
Munching away at the
Continents til the world was a peaceful

Plane of blue. He could throw his
Arm over the sun and pull himself up to lie
Down on the yellow flames to rest.
It might be peaceful, but then

Again he could just stay here and look.


  1. This one wowed me, Nikki!! I commented on it the other day! Love the progression of it!

  2. You're welcome! I just posted your blog link @ my blog if that's okay with you?! :)